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For my son Marlon
À mon fils Marlon
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New Release / 2e édition
Number 1 from the books and radio plays series „The Seahorse Gang.“ English-French.
Tome 1 de la série de livres et pièces radiophoniques pour enfants: «Le Gang des Hippocampes». Anglais-Français.
© and all rights by Marie Kinderbuchverlag, Germany © 2011
All rights reserved / Tous droits réservés
ISBN 978-3-938326-89-3
Author / auteur:
Wolfgang Wilhelm
Illustrated by / Illustrations:
Luidmilla Dorn, Carolina Moreno
Image Editing / Traitement d’images:
Caroline Saitre
Translated by / Traduction:
Ariane Mühlethaler / Elisa Engler
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The Seahorse Gang

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Le Gang des Hippocampes

by / de Wolfgang Wilhelm
Illustrated by Luidmilla Dorn und Carolina Moreno
Illustrations de Luidmilla Dorn et Carolina Moreno

Chapter one

missing image fileThe Soap Bubble Islands

In a remote future, in the year 2555 A.D, there is no more land on earth. Only water and soap bubbles are left.
The soap bubbles have formed special islands on which many different people live on.

The huge amounts of soap bubbles never sink nor burst, even when you walk on them.

This story takes place on Bubble-Island and in the deep sea surrounding it.

missing image fileL’île de bulles de savon et le village des hippocampes

Dans un futur lointain, en l’an 2555, il n’y a plus de terre sur Terre, car tout est submergé d’eau et d’îles de bulles de savon.

Sur ces îles habitent des gens très différents les uns des autres.

Ils marchent sur une multitude de bulles de savon qui jamais ne coulent ou n’éclatent.

Notre histoire se passe sur Bubble-Island (île de bulle de savon en français) et dans les profondeurs de l’océan qui entoure cette île quelque peu particulière.


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Chapter two

missing image fileThe Seahorse Village

The depths of the sea are inhabited by a seahorse tribe.
Most of the seahorses live in a sunken lighthouse or in an ufo.

The ufo is a spaceship which fell down from space into the sea. This aircraft drowned near the border of the village. In it lives an inventor called Lady Professor Kora, with her is her helpful daughter Koralie.

The most decayed part of the lighthouse is at the bottom, and it’s the home to a single mom and her son Taps. In the middle part lives a family with their spoiled son Toto. At the very top of the lighthouse lives Napo the prince of the seahorse tribe with his mother.

Napo’s flat is the most beautiful part and furthermore prince Napo has control over the village.

missing image fileLe village des hippocampes

Une tribu d’hippocampes habite dans ces profondeurs.

Les hippocampes habitent dans un phare qui a sombré et dans une soucoupe volante.

Un jour, cette soucoupe est tombée du ciel et a sombré dans l’océan.

Dans la soucoupe qui s’est écrasée en bordure du village, habite une inventrice, la professeur Cora et sa serviable fille Coralie.

Quant au phare, il est habité par plusieurs familles. Tout en bas, dans la partie délabrée du phare, habite une maman célibataire avec son fils Tapo.

Dans la partie médiane, habite une famille avec leur fils gâté Toto.

Tout en haut du phare, dans le plus bel appartement, habite le prince de la tribu Napo avec sa mère.

Napo est l’homme le plus puissant du village.


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Chapter three

missing image filePunky and Lollo are looking for their parents

With their submarine the siblings Punky and Lollo have been looking for their parents for several days now. They lost them during an underwater earthquake. But their boat has been repaired many times and is dented all over from the many reparations. Unfortunately Punky and Lollo themselves got lost during their search which had made them very tired, and so they fall asleep on a bed of algae and shells.

The next morning in the lighthouse: Taps’ mother has big troubles waking up her son: he sleeps soundly. Finally, she gets him up. He eats his breakfast dozily and then he trudges to the seahorse school, with his mind still somewhere in dreamland. One could think he is still asleep!

As he walks along, he stumbles over the exhausted and sleeping seahorses Punky and Lollo. They wake up at once and tell Taps their story: their seemingly endless searching for their parents and how hungry they are. Taps feels sorry for them and says: