Vanessa Lopez

Will You Follow, Even If I'm Fallen?

I dedicate this book to the boy who read it first, To the guy who changed my life since 2012. To the one who means the world to me! B.M.L

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It's a very usual thing to have your life changed in an instant.

A death can make things become very hard to deal with.

The pain and the hurt,

As though something has broken you on the inside,

And you are either wise,

Incapable of fixing,

Or healing it.

But love can be so fulfilling.

As though nothing is what it should be?

Like nothing matters but you and your love.

Your princess.

Your prince.

Most wish for this fairytale love and what's even more heart breaking,

 Is that they believe it even exists.

But in this story, my story, there is no fairytale love.



 He wanted to be nearer to her, but he knew she wouldn't be okay with him. Not after this.


 He needed to tell her in person, the love of his life, that she was going die. She always died, leaving him to walk the Earth for eternity. But he'd find her. They always found each other in her many life times. Her death always got harder for him to overcome, more painful than the last. His heart bared too much pain now.


With her many years away from him, he never forgot her face. Her perfect bone structure. Her high cheek bones lined up with her soft hazel eyes and her glamorous shaped eyebrows. Her small elegant nose blended in with her rosy cheeks, leaving her lushes lips as the best feature on her. Her long, black hair fell perfectly along her back, giving her a curvy look.


She was his and he was hers.


That was all that mattered


Or so he thought.

One: 1759 - Vladimir and Reylynn

 Hands intertwined together, tightly. Both a boy and a girl ran down a footpath. They were running fast, faster into the night. They were running for their lives.


The girl held onto a clutch of her full-skirted dress to keep herself from tripping over her own feet, small amounts of fabric warn out by dirt and other varieties of substances one comes acrossed when running away from something. Her pitch black hair falling out from a perfectly put together bun. The boy slid out of his leather jacket as it got caught, by the sleeve, on a tree branch. He was much taller than the girl, by a good two feet, and he was more darkly handsome, while she was lightly beautiful. His skin was a faint tan color, giving a distinct fact that the girl was Caucasian. What was he? Italian? Mexican? His hair was lighter than hers and shorter, it reached an inch over his neck from the back of his head as the color of his hair was a natural brown - honey. Not to mention his eyes... a bright brown, nearly yellow, with a faint of green glowing around his pupils. The girl had brown and green hazel color eyes.


In the distance, the gleam of torches were getting closer; followed by faint shouts of an angry mob.


What was going on?


Why were they running?


Why were they being followed?


As the girl neared the edge of a cliff, she looked over at the boy with her hazel eyes; stopping herself and him so that she could enjoy their last few minutes together. There was more hurt in her eyes than fright.


What was she going to do once the angry crowd caught up to them?


How was she going to handle this situation?


The girl blinks back her tears as she whispers, "We will be together again, right Vladimir?"


Vladimir, the boy, smiles lightly and nods at her. "Reylynn, soul mates can never keep apart." Vladimir caresses Reylynn's cheek and presses his lips to hers for a short moment.


The taunts were much louder now. Inches away.


"Kill the witch!"


"She must be stopped!"


"Do not let that filth slip away!"


Reylynn closes her eyes as her final tears ran down her cheeks. "Vlad..."


"Are you ready?" Vladimir whispered into Reylynn's ear, such a sweet and calming whisper. Reylynn nodded, squeezing tight on Vladimir's hand to let him know she was going to do it. She was going to jump.


The couple took a leap of faith together...

Two: Present Day - Mordecai and Zowie

 With no intention of being caught for ditching the remaining five minutes of last period, Mordecai slipped a small note into his best friend's locker. It was yet another cheesy letter he had written. He always made it perfectly clear that it was not him sending these notes.


He couldn't tell his best friend about his feelings, that he had them for a very long time.


He couldn't risk it.


He wouldn't.


How could someone so perfect feel for an outcast like you?


"Get your head straight, Mordecai." He sighed to himself, "It won't happen like the last time."


That's what I said. You never listen to me.


"Did I mention how much I hate you?" Mordecai hissed at the voice in his head. It was always there, lingering like a lost puppy. "It was years ago. Time's changed, Vlad."


Hush up. We'll have this discussion later. Here she comes...


Mordecai pretended to glare at the voice.


The voice belonged to Vladimir. 


How did they know each other?


Who was 'she'?


Did she have any relations to the late Reylynn?


Bite me.




Mordecai was too caught up in talking to himself, he didn't notice that the last bell had rung. Her bright hair is what caught his attention first. She ran her fingers through her envy blue hair, flashing Mordecai a warm smile. The same smile that always made his heart melt. He couldn't help but grin at her, his chocolate eyes locking with her minty hazel ones.


Zowie. My Zowie.


"Hi," Zowie hummed.


"Hey, Zo." Mordecai replied, moving out of the way of Zowie's locker.


"School's over for the day. Yay." Zowie muttered with a sarcastic tone as she put her combination in. "How much you want to bet I have another one of those notes?"


"How many do you have now? Two?"


Zowie shoved her Marianas Trench binder into her Jansport Super Break backpack. It was her favorite bag. The one designed to look like space. "Three hundred and twenty-two."


Mordecai felt his cheeks grow warm. He knew he was blushing. "You keep count of those things?"


Zowie sighed as she found the note. "If only I knew who it was to be honest." 


Soon, my love. I promise.





If I could ask God one thing,

It would be to stop the moon.

Stop the moon and make this night,

And your beauty last forever.